Board Development

We work with your Board of Directors to develop a mission and vision for your organization and facilitate the creation of a Board Development Plan.

Leadership Development

We work with identified current and future leaders to facilitate their development for roles of increasing responsibility in the organization.

Professional and Staff Development

We work with your staff on topics such as: attaining excellence, defining success, personal mission and vision, understanding perspective, entitlement, and many more.

Succession Planning

We analyze your current succession plan, suggest changes that will assist your growth, and develop a transition plan with you.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to develop a strategic plan that will allow your organization to successfully attain its’ goals.

Facilitating Excellence 


Program Assessment & Design-Implementation

We conduct assessments of current or proposed programs, assist in their design, and facilitate their implementation.

what we do...

Executive Consulting

We work one-on-one with leaders of organizations, providing an outside perspective on their leadership, how they manage the multiple stresses inherent in their roles, and suggesting alternate approaches where possible.

Business Analysis

We provide an analysis of current operations, suggesting areas of future opportunities for growth.

Change Management

We will work with your organization to facilitate and manage changes to your current operational model.