Whether you are considering a leadership role or have been leading for years, there are common challenges we all face. Dealing with entitled people, toxic employees, and trying to create a positive organizational culture are just a few. Leaders face situations every day where they are required to Rise Above in order to be effective.

This book provides valuable, easily applied tools for your leadership toolbox to help you be the best leader you can be.

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Facilitating Excellence 


Reviews for Rise Above:

"Just finished the book. Fantastic work. It has a conversational style that's very authentic, these are clearly things the author has been finding meaning in for a long time. Being able to synthesize a lifetime's worth of interdisciplinary learning into something as readable as Rise Above is a difficult task. Impressive work.”

"This is an excellent book which uniquely ties the author's personal experiences with the lessons he wishes the reader to learn. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put the book down. Great lessons for young leaders as well as leaders with lots of experience. 10/10"

"This is my favourite leadership book.
Rise Above provides one chapter on each area a leader should keep in mind as they lead their organization or group of people. I enjoyed the diversity in topic ranging from how to approach entitled employees to how to set the tone for your organization. The chapter that spoke most to me was "Chapter 7: Nobody knows your role", but I expect this to change as a progress on my personal leadership journey and continue to use this book as a tool for high level guidance and direction.
Another factor that helped me enjoy this book was the author spent little time in self-promotion, which is my pet peeve when reading a book written by other experienced leaders like Cam."